A Brighter, More Sustainable Future For Your Company

Fight climate change by unlocking your company’s biggest asset… your employees. Yellow Tin helps companies engage their employees in sustainability and measure their impact.

Yellow Tin powers the sustainability efforts of over 50+ mid-market and enterprise customers, including:

Residential Homes Account For 20%
Of All Global Greenhouse Gases (GHG)*

Yellow Tin empowers businesses to help their remote workforce create a more sustainable future for people and the planet.

Surpass Your Sustainability Goals With Yellow Tin


Currently, the vast majority of renewable energy options are based on electric energy. Yellow Tin guides employees on how to switch to more efficient, electric-based products and appliances.

Provide Local Data & Incentives

Each employee’s energy savings is tracked using their local energy rates. By seeign this data, employees are encouraged to save more energy (and money).

Switching To Renewables

Yellow Tin’s software can guide users through every step of the process. From switching to completely renewable energy sources, to becoming completely carbon negative!

Yellow Tin Customers Making Big Impacts!

Beat 2021 Sustainability Goal By 25%

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87% Employee Opt-In rate

Employee Sustainability Engagement Initiative Contributed 57% towards 2020 sustainability goal


280,000 Tons of Carbon Removed in 2019

"We set pretty ambitious sustainability goals last year. Yellow Tin was the key to hitting that goal. Our employees loved it. And using its reporting features, I was able to show that impact to the board."

Ryan Olestro, Head of Sustainability, Cisco

Transform Your Sustainability Program Today!

Ready to see how Yellow Tin can work for you? Schedule a consultation today. Learn how our software can help you:

  • Surpass corporate sustainability goals
  • Engage employees in sustainability
  • Quantify and report on the impact of your sustainability efforts
  • Make a real change in the health of the planet and people

Since 2019...

Yellow Tin has been transforming businesses’ sustainability efforts.

1,657 Participating Employees
50+ Businesses Worldwide
12Gigwatts of Electricity Created
2.5MIL Tons Of Carbon Removed

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