How To Be Profitable With Google Ads

Google Ads ROI

One issue I come across frequently is that companies run Google Ads campaigns without an idea about profitability. While I do advocate to start with Google Ads when it comes to digital marketing, Google Ads can also be very expensive. If you, or your company, need to be profitable then read this short article.   […]

Only The Selfish Can Save Us

Devils Lake Wisconsin

Saving The World Can’t Just Be For Altruists If we all lived in communes, rode bikes instead of driving, and ate zucchini and micro greens over beef and pork, then yes, we would have a better shot of fighting off climate change. The problem is, not a lot of people want to live that way. […]

Why Search Ads Are The Fastest Way To Find Green Tech Customers

a black grid over a lake with filled in boxes creating a "G"

As a green tech start-up, if you’re overwhelmed with the hundreds of marketing tactics and strategies you can use to find customers remember this: search ads will be the fastest way to find green tech customers. Here’s four reasons you should start running search ads today.   Searchers Are Looking For Answers Unlike interruption marketing […]